Reasons to Buy a Toyota vs Another Make

Shopping for a new car can be tough since there are just so many options on the market. How can you possibly sort through all of the brands, let alone all of the various vehicles that each brand offers? A car is also a big investment, so you need to know that you’re spending your money wisely, and you really need to make the right choice. If you haven’t yet considered a Toyota, take a look at these three reasons why it could be ideal for you.

Toyotas Hold Their Value

Every year, Kelley Blue Book looks at which cars and trucks tend to hold their resale value, meaning that they do not depreciate as fast. Toyotas are consistently near or at the top of that list. This is huge for buyers because cars typically depreciate so significantly when you drive them off of the lot that many people consider them a bad investment all around. With a Toyota, you know that you’re going to get top dollar if you ever decide to sell.

Having a car that holds its value is especially important if you think there may be significant life changes in your future. For example, you may be young and just married now, so a coupe or a sedan makes the most sense, but you may have children in the next five or six years and need to get a minivan or an SUV. Being able to sell your current car for more helps you trade up and adjust what you drive to match your lifestyle.

Toyotas are Top Safety Picks

Safety cannot be overstated on a road system that sees thousands of accidents every month. If you really want to know that you’re safe in any style of vehicle, Toyota has a lot to choose from. In fact, looking back just to 2012, you will find that a full ten different vehicles were given the IIHS Top Safety Pick Award. You can get Toyotas with a ton of safety features, including front and side air bags, backup cameras, obstacle warning systems, hands-free communication options and even the comprehensive Star Safety System.

Toyotas are Reliable

There are few things more frustrating than buying a new car and having it break down quickly or break down repeatedly. You start to dread getting behind the wheel because you just don’t know what is going to go wrong next. With Toyotas, that’s not going to be an issue, as they’ve been shown to be durable and reliable over time. In fact, Toyota even claims that 80 percent of the cars that have been sold in the last two decades are still being driven right now.

Reliability is one of the reasons that Toyotas keep their value the way that they do. When people are looking for used cars, they know that they must have cars that last. A ten-year-old car that could last ten more years is a tremendous value to these buyers.

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